Screening: NetWorks 2015 Artist Video Portraits

November 1, 2015, 1:30 – 3 pm
Metcalf Auditorium

NetWorks Rhode Island, a project devoted to showcasing work of select contemporary Rhode Island visual artists, presents its 2015 Providence premiere season of documentary video portraits.

Featured artists for 2015 include: David Allyn, Jillian Barber, Deborah Baronas, Peter Diepenbrock, Gretchen Dow Simpson, Jerold Ehrlich, Ana Flores, David Frazer, Paul Housberg, Barbara Owen, Lisa Perez, and Richard Whitten.


Happy to announce that Improvised Showboat #6 is happening in my new studio!

So thankful to Zach Keeting and Lauren Britton for the invitation to participate and co-curate Improvised Showboat #6!

If you don't already know of Zach's other project Gorky's Granddaughter, check it out. He is a great community builder. :)

And also so happy that my new shared studio mate Max Van Pelt was interested in co-curating and participating as well, especially since we JUST moved in and haven't even fully unpacked! 

April 2014

VermontLandscape_RiverII25 copy.jpg

2014 will be a year of mountains and all that accompanies the adventures of hitting the trail…hint, hint. To kick it off I'll be making some major changes and enjoying some great opportunities, first up:

So excited for dedicated time to push forward on projects and have some breathing room to experiment.