I make sculptural paintings, objects and works on paper. The forms invoke minimalism, but with deeper engagement also express playfulness in their color, shadow, form and subtle humor. A grid may evoke rigid order but then embrace the expressive, wobbling beauty of something made by hand. A horizontal line may hint at a landscape but then shift like a tectonic plate. Using canvas, wood, paper and paint, I seek a place where these materials meet, overlap, unify and resonate. The geography of where this leads me is both familiar and as elusive as the space between seconds.

Please contact me with any questions, an artist CV or additional writing about my work.


NetWorks Rhode Island, 2015 


Studio Visits RI

Community is critical to all artistic disciplines. Providence has been pivotal in allowing me the opportunity to foster a continually growing network of artists through a critique and studio visit group that I founded in 2011. This richly inspiring community exemplifies the creative current that inhabits Rhode Island and is just one of many networks of artists that sustain and live the creative life here. Here is a link to the studio visit archive of some of the artists who have participated over the past 4 years:http://studio-visits-ri.tumblr.com