Projects include site-specific installation, digital video projection and various approaches beyond the context of my core studio work. 


How Strange It Is To Be Anything, 2007 Installation as part of the Drawing Center's Selections 2007 Levity exhibition. Drawing Center, NYC. Materials: Hand-cut paper, pva adhesive, dimensions variable. © 2007, Cathy Carver photography.

Timeshare: Create Space, 2013 RISD Museum's Locally Made Office Hours Program.

2 hours = 120 minutes = 7200 seconds

For my Office Hours project, I will be inviting friends, collaborators, and museum visitors to share this time and space with me in the spirit of creative possibility. Setting the tone of open-ended inspiration, I'll be projecting a stop motion animation of cloud abstractions. These 'clouds' are the signifiers for the idea of inspiration and a metaphor for its ephemeral nature. This 'imaginary substance" (Gaston Bachelard) is a negation of solidity + permanence, a shape-shifting, limitless inspiration. The cloud provides a powerful image in art, myth and the everyday. Lying on the ground looking up, they form and dissolve as we dream, as we imagine.